Our objective is to provide "value" solutions to our customers by focusing on emerging technologies to address daily "operations" related business problems.

Our focus is to have just One network and Utilize the One network to simplify your business' operations.

Consulting services and end-to-end solutions are provided in the following emerging technology areas:

1. Communications solutions for underground Mining - Underground mine communication systems are be based on:

  • The Personal Emergency Device, based on Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) system for through-the-earth underground mine paging, control and optional feature of remote blasting. More...
  • Wireless two-way voice communication and tracking system integrated with the PLCC system, for an underground tracking system developed specifically for use in underground mines and tunneling applications. The system locates in real-time active Tags, carried by personnel or attached to vehicles and other equipment in underground mines. More...
  • 2. Communication systems for Open cast mine operation

  • WiiFi MESH communication systems and integrated GPS/Cell tower based tracking. More...
  • 3. Industrial Automation - End-to-end Process control, DCS, and SCADA solutions, including:

  • Instrumentation and panel design
  • Industrial Ethernet based Automation
  • Networked micro-PLC – revolutionizing process control with deployment ease and affordability
  • Remote connectivity for central monitoring
  • SCADA software integration. More...
  • 4. - A Web-hosted GPS/Cell network tracking services

  • Vehicle mounted tracking units
  • Android phone based tracking
  • 5. - A web-hosted view from Anywhere, Anytime service

  • View internet connected cameras deployed at many sites over regular broadband through our service
  • View live video from Android phones "on the move" from anywhere, anytime!
  • 6. Custom RFID Systems

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based inventory, tracking and enterprise visibility solutions:
  • 802.11 – Large area both indoors and outdoors, campus-based tracking, respectively. More...
  • 7. Integrated Building Management System

  • More...
  • PED Communication & Emergency Warning systems

    The PED Transmission System

    PED Software Package