Our objective is to provide "value" solutions to our customers by focusing on emerging technologies to address daily "operations" related business problems.

Our focus is to have just One network and Utilize the One network to simplify your business' operations.

Consulting services and end-to-end solutions are provided in the following emerging technology areas:

1. - Intrinsically Safe WiFi based Infrastructure for Communications, Tracking, Environment & Mine Monitoring in U/G Coal Mines

  • Unified Integrated Digital Communications Backbone for Underground Coal Mines Since the network infrastructure is based on standard Ethernet and license free 2.4GHz WiFi, the support for I.S. WiFi phones and WiFi Tags are possible. In the future, WiFi or Ethernet IP Video camera conforming to I.S. standards or any I.S. compliant tablets, video conferencing gear or environment monitoring system such as methane, CO, air flow, Oxygen etc. could also be integrated with ease with the above infrastructure.
  • Personnel and Asset Tracking via I.S. WiFi Tags The MST ImPact tracking system is an underground Wi-Fi tracking system developed specifically for use in underground mines. The system tracks active Tags, carried by personnel or tags attached to vehicles and other equipment.
  • Wireless Voice over IP based telephony The concept behind Internet telephony (also known as Voice over IP or IP telephony) is the transfer of voice messages using Internet protocol (IP) networks. This technology enables standard data packets to transmit multimedia information such as voice or video over the Internet or any other IP-based local- or wide-area network. It draws on open standards and recommendations generated by international groups such as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
  • Scalable, modular, flexible, built-in redundancy to adapt the network as the mining operation grows. The most advanced equipment designed specifically for U/G coal mines. Proven technology with wide adoption worldwide.
  • Intrinsically Safe Environment Monitoring System The ImPact Networking System is fully compatible with Trolex Underground Mine Environmental Monitoring System. The Trolex Serial to Wi-Fi/Ethernet Interface unit allows existing intrinsically safe equipment with an RS485/RS422 or RS232/TTL port to become Ethernet Enabled via Wi-Fi (WLAN). The unit is certified for use in Zone 0 / Zone 20 when powered by a suitable Ex ia power supply.
  • Production Cycle Monitoring LHD & Loader cycle time monitoring.
  • Belt conveyor & Dewatering Pump Monitoring Sensors MST ImPact Network can accommodate any existing Belt conveyor & Dewatering Pump Monitoring Sensor with RS 232/485 capability to integrate these with the IP based digital network.
  • Roof & Pillar Monitoring Sensors MST ImPact Network can accommodate any existing Roof & Pillar Monitoring Sensors with RS 232/485 capability to integrate these with the IP based digital network.
  • (Non-coal) Vehicle Diagnostics Monitoring for Remote, Real-time Diagnostic uploads, Event reporting and Alarm generation.

2. - Energy Monitoring Systems

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems regulate thermal comfort inside of buildings and maintain adequate air quality by circulating and replenishing interior air with fresh outdoor air. Building operators and mechanical contractors who oversee these systems strive to ensure that HVAC/R equipment is running efficiently so that a proper interior environment is sustained and operating costs held at reasonable levels.
  • To achieve better performance from HVAC/R systems, interior monitoring can provide valuable feedback in terms of system operations, leading to insights for correcting inefficiencies and optimizing equipment. Monitoring can also identify opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and provide validation for improvements that contribute towards LEED certification.
  • Our IoT solution, comprising of data loggers and sensors, enable accurate monitoring of interior conditions, helping building professionals diagnose mechanical issues, locate sources that compromise comfort, and better balance healthy and comfortable interior environments with energy costs.

3. - Advanced Structural Health Monitoring Systems

  • Measures and improve performance of its structures, industrial equipment and resources.
  • Assessing the behavior of the structure and possible time-dependent deterioration.
  • Verifying integrity and structural strength.
  • Enhance safety program reducing risk of major accidents for unknown reason providing an early warning identifying looming problems.
  • Reduce the risks of instability of excavation works.
  • Enhance Quality Control and process programs.
  • Detection of random events such as cavities, breaches, leaks, settlements and Seismic zones.
  • Assess the ageing status and follow-up of contemporary and historic structures.

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