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Live Online Classes through Secured Web-based Learning Platform for Rural, Underprivileged Students –

COVID-19 is depriving many children of learning opportunities at school. Since there exist large inequities in access to the Internet, the problem is further exacerbated by the uneven distribution of the technology needed to facilitate remote learning, and as a result, rural students could not continue their learning during the pandemic. There are commercial platforms that offer remote learning but they require access to the Internet and bandwidth to be effective. However, the downside of Internet-based remote learning platforms is that they provide expose children to the Internet which raises concerns about the issue of children’s digital safety. Hence it is critically important to address the potential dangers of children’s exposure to online risks, including sexual exploitation, harmful content, inappropriate sharing of data, and cyber-bullying. Furthermore, the sudden exposure to online classes gave rise to psychological and behavioral problems in children, arising out of addiction to video games and YouTube videos. The children suffered from rapid exposure to the Internet and were distracted due to the absence of technology to prevent the children’s exposure to the Internet during classes. To address all the above issues associated with remote online learning for children, AdCept proposes to utilize a locally-hosted, low-cost, open source-based web-conferencing platform for holding live online classes in the regional language taught by local schools teachers. The online learning platform shall take advantage of the wireless local area network (WLAN) for communication between the students and teachers conducting online classes.

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